Testing @ConfigurationProperties in Spring Boot

*** Update *** I updated the example on GitHub to Spring 2.5.X! The latest post on this topic is at https://tuhrig.de/testing-configurationproperties-in-spring-boot-2-5-x. I recently worked on a library for using AWS Kinesis in Spring Boot. As many other libraries, this particular one provided a powerful configuration. To implement the configuration, we used Spring Boot’s @ConfigurationProperties (as […]

Encapsulated modules and clean tests with Spring’s @Configuration

Usually we use Spring’s @Configuration to define some special beans. A classic example is the definition of a data source:

However, we can also use Spring’s @Configuration to build better modules which helps us to writer cleaner tests. Let’s go through an example. An example Let’s assume we have an application which uses domain […]

A component-based test architecture for Protractor and AngularJS E2E tests

Usually, when we talk about architecture, we talk about the application itself. We think about layers, domain models and interfaces to structure our code. Most of the time the tests will follow this architecture. We create one test per service and mirror our code.

This is fine for unit and even integration tests, but […]