Testing @ConfigurationProperties in Spring Boot 2.5.X

Three years ago, I wrote an article on how to test Spring’s @ConfigurationProperties classes. Since three years are a long time, I just updated the project on GitHub. It works with Spring 2.5.X now! You can find the project right here: https://github.com/tuhrig/Testing_Configuration_Properties And here’s the old post from 2018: https://tuhrig.de/testing-configurationproperties-in-spring-boot What’s it about? The basic […]

Anti Pattern: Don’t use Optionals for data repositories

Java 8 Optionals Java 8 introduced a new feature call Optionals. Optionals are an easy way to force the caller of a method to deal with a possible null return value:

If you use an Optional as the return type of your method, whoever calls the method will be reminded that it might return […]

Java 8 for Eclipse Kepler via the Eclipse Marketplace

Eclipse Foundation Announces Java 8 Support! One day after my post about Java 8 in Eclipse Kepler (4.3) and Eclipse Luna (4.4), the Eclipse Foundation announced official support for Java 8 in Eclipse Kepler. Here is there blog post straight outta Ottawa, Canada: http://eclipse.org/org/press-release/20140402_eclipse_foundation_announces_java8_support.php You can now install Java 8 support to Eclipse Kepler (4.3) […]

What static methods for interfaces tell you about the Java community

Recently I was putting together some code for an OSGi plugin at work. I created an interface to add listeners to an extension point. The code looked something like this:

The idea was simple: At some points in my application I would call all registered listeners, pass them an object and let them do […]