My name is Thomas and I’m a software developer based near Karlsruhe, Germany. Spring Boot is my weapon of choice, whether with Java or Kotlin. I love to build microservices and to write code which is easy to read. Currently, I work for Atruvia in Karlsruhe and from my home office.

I studied Computer Science and Media at the Media University (HdM) in Stuttgart, Germany, where I finished my Bachelor’s degree (Bachelor of Science, 📄) in 2012 and my Master’s degree (Master of Science, 📄) in 2014.

I worked for Bringmeister until its closure in 2024 as a backend Kotlin developer. Before that, I served as a fullstack software developer for Westernacher Solutions in Berlin and joined Informatica (formerly Heiler) and IBM as an intern, student worker and graduate.

In my free time, I enjoy practicing BJJ at PSV Karlsruhe.

You find me on XING and LinkedIn.

Here’s my CV.