AngularJS Intensive Workshop by Robin Böhm/Symetics GmbH

Thomas Uhrig · May 22, 2016

Last week I attended an AngularJS Intensive Workshop by Robin Böhm from Symetics GmbH. Symetics is the company behind and provides consulting and training all around JavaScript, AngularJS (1/2) and TypeScript.

The location

The 3-days workshop was located in the UNPERFEKT Haus in Essen. The UNPERFEKT Haus is an open space for artists, students and musicians. It provides rooms, WLAN and a creative environment. It was a great location for the seminar and we all felt comfortable.

The trainer

Our trainer was Robin Böhm who is the CEO/founder of Symetics GmbH. He works as a freelancer and does consulting, in-house training and workshops all around web technologies like AngularJS. During the 3-days he provided a lot of information and made a really intense workshop. The atmosphere was relaxed and Robin was open for discussions and questions - even during the lunch break.

The workshop

The workshop was divided into two parts: (1) a round trip about JavaScript and (2) a dive-deep on AngularJS. It was a good mix of presentations and hands-on sessions on a prepared sample project. Robin managed to cover a huge amount of topics:

  • components vs. directives
  • routing (with the new router from AngularJS 1.5)
  • testing (with Jasmine)
  • the promise API
  • build tools
  • books to continue

Robin also tried to give us an outlook on AngularJS 2 and how we can prepare our current projects for it.

My opinion

There wasn’t much I did not like. The workshop covered all relevant topics and gave us a lot of useful insights into AngularJS and related stuff.

I can recommend it!

It was fast, well-prepared and very practical (we wrote code for about 1/3 of the time). The group was medium-sized, maybe 14 people (mostly Java developers). The only downside was that Robin sometimes provided too much detail on a particular topic. I’m more comfortable staying by the underlying concepts of a technology and dive into the nitty-gritty details when I’m working on it.

I’m looking forward to the next workshop! Thanks!


Best regards, Thomas.