My Bachelor's and Master's Thesis

Thomas Uhrig · January 28, 2021

In 2011, I wrote my Bachelor’s Thesis and about three years later in 2014 it was time for Master’s Thesis. I blogged a lot about both projects back then, but I never published the actual documents. The reason for that was that I wrote both thesis in cooperation with a company. My Bachelor’s Thesis has been a research project for IBM’s database development team (DB2 on z/OS) and my Master’s Thesis has been written for Informatica and their PIM team. So both documents have been under a blocking notice for a certain period of time. They have been confidential, if you want to say so. I wasn’t allowed to publish them.

However, the blocking period has expired for some time, so I thought it’s time to upload them. I’m very proud of both thesis and I hope that they are of interest for someone else.

(Both documents are in German)

Bachelor’s Thesis (2011):

  • Entwicklung einer clientseitigen Schicht zur Lastkontrolle auf DB2 z/OS
  • EN: Development of a client-side load balancing layer for DB2 z/OS
  • Bachelor-Thesis
  • Written at IBM

Master’s Thesis (2014):

  • Portierung einer Enterprise OSGi Anwendung auf eine PaaS
  • EN: Porting of an enterprise OSGi application to a PaaS
  • Master-Thesis
  • Written at Informatica

I wrote both thesis by Prof. Dr. Martin Goik at the HdM in Stuttgart, Germany.

Best regards, Thomas.